When I first saw the labels on bedding and intimates telling me to wash them in cold water, I thought, “Are these people nuts?” I’d always believed that you needed really, really hot water if you wanted to sanitize garments and kill critters (even bedbugs and dust mites) in bed linens. How was I supposed to get these items clean?
Now I have the answer: Mary Ellen’s Best Wash It’s a totally effective additive that sanitizes and neutralizes allergens and ensures that you that your underwear, your socks, and your sheets and pillowcases will come out really clean in any water temperature.


It’s that time of year again- time to pack up the summer clothes, and unpack the winter clothes! For many of you this may mean you have some ironing to do! Several months of sitting in a bin, at the bottom of a drawer, or high on a closet shelf will most likely result in some wrinkly stuff. I have a great product to help you fight those wrinkles without spending hours with your iron- Best Press!

Best Press is a clear crisp spray that comes in several great scents (and of course there is an unscented option as well!) and will revolutionize your ironing experience! The best part- it is only $7.95 and is available on my website! If you are having trouble deciding on a scent, you should definitely check out our Gems. A wonderful sampler of all available scents in cute 2 oz bottles. Bonus: these little Gems are small enough to travel with!

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My amazing hand gel, Made by Hand, was featured in Decorating Digest’s Fall 2011 Craft & Home projects issue! This is the best gel for quilters and others who use their hands all the time! No gooey lotion residue, and so many benefits! To learn more, check out the Made by Hand page on my website!

Introducing a brand new product! Men At Work is a product you don’t want to be without if you work hard! This is a perfect product to buy for the men in your life. It is available for only $6.99 on my website!

If you work hard for a living, your hands are probably rough, beat-up, tired, calloused, cracked, bent out of shape, and hurting.
That’s why Men At Work is specially formulated to work miracles on even the roughest hands. You’ll notice a difference after the first use. Test it and make a “snap judgment”. Once applied, it dries—so fast,
you can snap your fingers right away.
And it’s the perfect size to store in you tool belt or tool box. So you never have to work with sore, rough hands again.
Made with White Willow Bark:
White willow bark has been used for thousands of years in Europe and China by people who chewed on it to reduce fever and inflammation. It is still used today for the treatment of pain, headache, and inflammatory conditions such as bursitis and tendonitis because it contains salicin, which is a compound similar to aspirin.
So give Men At Work a try. No matter how tough you are, nobody wants sore hands!

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My wonderful skin softener, Geek Gel, was featured in the September 2011 issue of FineScale Modeler Magazine, a magazine dedicated to the craft of model making!

Geek Gel is an amazing alternative to hand cream- and no sticky residue to deal with. If you use your hands a lot, Geek Gel will change your life- especially in cool and/or dry climates.

Geek Gel can be purchased here for the very low price of $6.99 per bottle!

The testimonial was great to read:

I am constantly washing my hands while modeling to avoid messing up the model with greasy fingerprints. The downside to all this cleanliness is really dry hands that crack and bleed, especially in the winter. Unfortunately, most skin creams leave your hands greasy, defeating the purpose of keeping them clean.

That’s why I was impressed by Mary Ellen’s Geek Gel for hands. It not only softens dry skin but relieves sore muscles, thanks to white willow bark, which contains salacin, an anti-inflammatory similar to aspirin. The clear gel is absorbed and dries quickly without leaving any greasy residue.

A four-ounce bottle can be purchased from Mary Ellen Products, 800-977-4145.

Do you have dry cracked hands? Buy your Geek Gel online at!

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JUST when you thought it was safe to go back to the water for dinner, it’s not.

I’ve been reading all the articles that have been telling me to eat fish, and I’ve been following that advice. A lot of us have. It seems that Americans eat about three billion pounds of fish – or about 13 lbs. per person – each year.

Then a few weeks ago, somebody told me that eating fish can expose you to diseases that the government’s inspection program can’t prevent.

Now, I remember when the family doctor first told me to up my fish intake and lay off the beef and pork. That wasn’t easy for me, since I loved meat. I had to train myself whenever I saw a cow or pig to start thinking “purse” or “wallet” instead of “steak” or “bacon.”

This fish eating business was one of those situations where the beautiful people got the jump on the rest of us. As soon as they heard eating fish was better, they began ordering filet of gray sole and salmon steak, never mind the cost.

Not only was it healthier, it was definitely less fattening, so the beautiful people controlled their thigh bulges along with their cholesterol counts.

Around that time, a lot of them must have visited the Orient and fell in love with the food, because as fast as you can say “raw tuna,” sushi bars started springing up.

If you’ve never been to one, I should explain that sushi bars are little counters where chefs serve raw fish that they’ve sliced up and carefully arranged to look like little flowers so people are willing to eat it.

When I heard there might be some problem with eating fish, I figured we meat-lovers were going to have the last laugh. In fact, I recently read that these days pork is better for you because of something they started taking out if it or something they started putting in it, I’m not sure which.

There’s a silver lining in every cloud, of course. If eating fish really were dangerous, my weekends might become more enjoyable. I spend many of them at our family’s cabin, fishing in the lake, and for the past few years, the fish have become more and more scarce. Maybe all the big fish got sick from eating the little ones.

Whatever the reason, you spend an awful lot of time standing around in your hip boots holding a slack line. This is how bad it is: I use live minnows for bait and now long ago I threw in one who stayed in for so long I considered adopting him as a pet.

I got so worked up about the fish thing that I started avoiding everything with fins, including 1950s Cadillacs. And then my friend finally sent me that article about the dangers of fish. It said that in the past 20 years, 21 people seemed to have passed on after eating oysters. Who knows if it really was the oysters? Maybe they were done in by pork. It looks as if the soundest advice is just to keep playing Russian Roulette with your food and hope you’re not eating dangerous amounts of anything.

For those of you who (like me) are going to be eating fish, here are a couple of hints:

  • When you buy fish, you might like to know that the darker the flesh of the fish, the fattier it is.
  • When you take the fish out of the freezer let it defrost in milk. Milk takes the “fishiness” out when you cook it.
  • To get the canned taste out of canned shrimp, soak them in sherry and vinegar for 15 minutes, then rinse.


PS I pray nobody from Peta is going read this blog. If so,  please be advised I’m giving up meat for Lent.

I HOPE my grandchildren (when I have one) doesn’t go through high school as part of the “in” group. All you need is eyes and ears to see what becomes of the jocks and beauty queens from your high school days.

The kids who made it, with rare exceptions, were the ones with their heads in books. I bet Bill Gates wasn’t a real popular kid, and I don’t think Hillary Clinton was the homecoming queen.

I know that being a jock or a beauty queen doesn’t necessarily mean there’s only empty space under the crown. But I think a lot of kids spend a great deal of time thinking about those things and very little time studying. And what’s the payoff?

Very few jocks make the pros. Most of the time, all a high school star takes with him into his adult life is a few yellowed clips from the local paper and a lifelong knee problem.

When I was a kid, I wouldn’t have a thing to do with a guy that wasn’t on the team. (Any team – except the math team.) Today, I think team sports are fine, but I would like to encourage my grandchild to put a greater effort into finding an individual sport that he enjoys simply for the pleasure of it, and not for the glory.

I think it’s sad to run into a guy in a sweatshirt saying. “West High, Class of 1972” and realize it’s been downhill from age 18. As for the girls, a lot of those early bloomers fade fast.

I remember the kids we branded “simple” because they did things we thought weren’t cool – like bird watching or playing violin. I don’t know what made out gang at the soda-pop shop believe our discussions about what we were going to believe so important. The others were complex we were the “simple” ones.

My personal goal was to coast through high school without ever having to bring home a book. What was important was to be popular. I don’t know why I expended all that effort. I have not seen most of the people I was popular with fro 25 years. As it turns out, their opinions didn’t matter so much.

I know how hard it is to convince your kids of this. They want so much to belong. If your child is “out of it” because he marches to a different drummer, do what you can to make him feel proud.

Tell him what I am going to try to convince my grandchildren of: that it’s more important to be “somebody” when your 40 than when you’re “14.”


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