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Are you looking for a great stocking stuffer? Look no further, my books are a big hit! If your “kids” are now living on their own, they are sure to enjoy the tips and tricks featured in my books.

I have something for everyone! Don’t You Hate it When and It Works! are two favorites for men and women alike. Lots of great tips for all kinds of household issues.

For Crying Out Loud is perfect for the new mommy/daddy or parent’s-to-be in your life, and So You’re Expecting to be a Grandparent! is just perfect for that first time grandma!

Do you have a newlywed in the family? Who Makes the Bed when the Honeymoon is Over is just perfect for them!

Check out all my books here– they are funny and helpful!


Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is OVER. Tomorrow is December! The last month of the year. That can only mean one thing. The snow is coming. The chilly dry air is going to be here very soon. My hands are already starting to feel it!

Luckily, I have developed a fantastic (really- it can’t be beat) product that keeps hands soft (but not greasy) and prevents cracking (without the slime). Made by Hand is just what the winter season requires!

Everyone should have some of this in their home, and at only $7.95, everyone can!

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