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It is Halloween today, which means lots of cute kids, fun costumes, yummy candy, and of course, sticky fingerprints and melted chocolate! How are you going to get those stains out of your kid’s clothing?

With my powerful stain removers, of course! You can use Formula 1 or Formula 2 to remove tough stains from the bigger kids, or Bye Bye Baby for the wee ones. Do you have big plans tonight? Will you be passing out candy? Would love to hear from you!


The weather man told me cold weather was headed our way, so I thought it would be a great time to share my best cold weather tip with you! But first, you must go get all your cozy winter sweaters out of the boxes in the basement or attic.

Did you get them?

Do they smell a bit musty?

If they do, have no fear. Just toss them in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet or two and a damp wash cloth! Turn the dryer to the “air” or “no heat” setting and turn it on. Check the sweaters after a few minutes. They should smell much better! This tip is best for items that are dry clean only. If you have washable items, you might as well just toss them in the wash.

Stay warm this week!

My Formula 1 and Formula 2 stain removers will be 40% off for ONE HOUR today! From 2pm CST to 3pm CST you can visit my Facebook page (just click the like button) or follow me on Twitter for a special coupon code good for 1 hour!

These are the best stain removers around! Great for color (Formula 1) or whites (Formula 2), difficult stains are removed in a minute flat! No scrubbing required. Today is your chance to try something new at a steep discount!

Hi all! I am having a contest! Submit a tip to solve a common household problem and WIN a cash prize! There are three ways to enter, and three prizes to win!

  1. GRAND PRIZE: $50.00 Gift Certificate for Mary Ellen Products, a Signed Copy of “IT WORKS,” by Mary Ellen Pinkham, and a 50% off coupon for our Online Store.
  2. Second Place: $25.00 Gift Certificate for Mary Ellen Products and a 25% off coupon for our Online Store
  3. Third Place: $10.00 Gift Certificate for Mary Ellen Products and a 15% off coupon for our online store

The contest goes until October 24th, so get your answers in soon, and tell your friends!

How to enter

Submit your tip using one of the following methods (only 1 submission per any method):

  • Send a tweet to @maryellesntwips with #mytip in the tweet
  • Send an email to with the subject line “My Tip”
  • Post on our wall at with your tip (please put “my tip:” at the beginning of your post)

Be even MORE creative by submitting your tips via video. Post a video to and send the link to your video through any of the above methods.

More info is available here.

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