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When I first saw the labels on bedding and intimates telling me to wash them in cold water, I thought, “Are these people nuts?” I’d always believed that you needed really, really hot water if you wanted to sanitize garments and kill critters (even bedbugs and dust mites) in bed linens. How was I supposed to get these items clean?
Now I have the answer: Mary Ellen’s Best Wash It’s a totally effective additive that sanitizes and neutralizes allergens and ensures that you that your underwear, your socks, and your sheets and pillowcases will come out really clean in any water temperature.


It’s that time of year again- time to pack up the summer clothes, and unpack the winter clothes! For many of you this may mean you have some ironing to do! Several months of sitting in a bin, at the bottom of a drawer, or high on a closet shelf will most likely result in some wrinkly stuff. I have a great product to help you fight those wrinkles without spending hours with your iron- Best Press!

Best Press is a clear crisp spray that comes in several great scents (and of course there is an unscented option as well!) and will revolutionize your ironing experience! The best part- it is only $7.95 and is available on my website! If you are having trouble deciding on a scent, you should definitely check out our Gems. A wonderful sampler of all available scents in cute 2 oz bottles. Bonus: these little Gems are small enough to travel with!

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My amazing hand gel, Made by Hand, was featured in Decorating Digest’s Fall 2011 Craft & Home projects issue! This is the best gel for quilters and others who use their hands all the time! No gooey lotion residue, and so many benefits! To learn more, check out the Made by Hand page on my website!

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